1. Writers Without Homes
    Piano Magic

  2. Open Cast Heart
    Piano Magic

  3. Part Monster
    Piano Magic

  4. I Hunt Alone

  5. The Cloisters
    The Cloisters

  6. A Few Scattered Hours
    Memory Drawings

  7. Closure
    Piano Magic

  8. The Burning Skull + Craquelure EP
    Cédric Pin/Glen Johnson

  9. Life Has Not Finished With Me Yet + bonus Chemical EP
    Piano Magic

  10. Sir Ollife Leigh & Other Ghosts
    Oliver Cherer

  11. Sir Ollife Leigh & Other Ghosts + A Millying & Mor EP
    Oliver Cherer

  12. I Lived In Trees + Leaves EP
    Mark Fry/The A. Lords

  13. My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath
    Kristina Pulejkova/Glen Johnson

  14. Public Flowers + Hybrids EP
    Robin Saville

  15. South Wind, Clear Sky
    Mark Fry

  16. I Feel Nothing Most Days
    Oliver Cherer

  17. Bliss Out Vol. 13
    Piano Magic

  18. Disaffected
    Piano Magic

  19. Details Not Recorded (Glen Johnson solo album)
    Glen Johnson

  20. We Don't Just Disappear
    Future Conditional

  21. Unbosoming
    Textile Ranch

  22. Drifts & Flurries - A Second Language Collectanea

  23. Glen Johnson - 'Institutionalized EP'
    Glen Johnson

  24. Anything bright or startling?
    Áine O'Dwyer

  25. Avenue With Trees - A Second Language cornucopia + Secondaries
    Various Artists

  26. Ombilical + Prostheses (bonus disc)
    Textile Ranch

  27. Ovations
    Piano Magic

  28. Home Recordings
    Piano Magic

  29. Models

  30. Music & Migration
    Various Artists

  31. Music & Migration II
    Various Artists

  32. Vertical Integration
    Various Artists

  33. Ghost Stations / Geisterbahnhöfe + Sidings EP
    Oliver Cherer

  34. End Of A Season - a Second Language label sampler
    Various Artists

  35. Minute Papillon
    Various Artists

  36. Music & Migration III
    Various Artists

  37. Never It Will Be The Same Again
    Piano Magic

  38. Silver Servants s/t + Cold Lazarus EP
    Silver Servants


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London-based independent record label, 2009 - present day. www.secondlanguagemusic.com

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